Hello everyone, A lot of people have been sending me emails. Asking for a question and answer. I’ve been trying to get this done for about 2-3 months or so… But today I’ve  finally have had the chance to answer your questions. This is only part one of the Q&A, I still have a few more questions to answer. Now let’s get started >>>>>



Q. Are you Jewish?

A. No, but I am Christian.

Q. How old are you?

A. I’m 12 at the moment I turn 13 on DEC. 4th

Q. Favorite celebrity crush?

A. Don’t really have one

Q. Are you an only child?

A. I wish I’m the oldest out of 4 siblings.

Q. Do you play Minecraft?

A. Yes, on xbox and PC.

Q. Do you play msp anymore?

A. Read my oldest post about my msp account.

Q. Favorite YouTubers?

A.  Wengie, Eva, and Ava, I have more but those are my top 3.

Q. Do you have your own youtube channel that I can subscribe to?

A. Yes, I do and I’ll get to you later.

Q. Do you prefer volleyball or writing & drawing?

A. I like volleyball a lot but writing & drawing are more of my things.

Q. Favorite show?

A. Jessie or Ant farm.

Q. Favorite songs?

A. colors by Hasley) and Thy will be done by Hillary Scott & the Scott family.)


Thank you all so much for asking these questions, any questions that are left over I will try to answer later.





I drew Melanie Martinez part 1

Hello, today I was listening to doll house from Melanie Martinez. When I thought about drawing her. It was a really fun thing to do in my free time. Also before I show you these pictures I drew, I just want to say that I’m not an artist. Now lets go.
Ok, I hope you enjoy this picture!!

This is the original picture I copied from.

Sorry, it’s kind of blurry.

Did you know?

I was thinking for about 2 days long  and hard. Until it came to me, what if everything we’re doing is wrong? Also I really like facts, so why not make this into something I do more often!! 😊

1.  Sleeping 😴

Almost everyone sleeps on the right side of the bed right? Well did you know that it isn’t good for you? I mean its totally fine, but to get in that good sleep you should sleep on the left side of the bed. Why you may ask? Well research shows that sleeping on the left side of the bed can stop heartburns and other pains you may have. So next time you get in the bed sleep on your left.




Why do I keep changing my blog name?

My friends have seen my blog and are always laughing at it. It confuses me at times. It use to be humming1204 because my birthday obviously. 🙄 Then I changed it to Cherry-Blossom because I had a cherry blossom tree growing in my backyard. My friends said that sounds bad because it’s a tree. To me it was amazing. 😉 Anyways they were like make a blog name of something you like the most. For a second I was thinking, what if I’m plain and everything I like is boring. Then I thought again and said, that might not be a bad idea. I’ve been thinking a lot more lately about this blog. It was a time that I just felt like this was just meant for school…Until I thought about telling people a little about me and finding people my age. I mean why not right?

If I do end up changing my name I do have a few ideas and I listed them below.

  • MusicandArtlover
  • Enchanted BlueRose
  • A lot of Happiness
  • xoxoforever

Thats pretty much it. Also i know my friends will end up looking at this and end up laughing. 😂



Free msp account

Yes it is true guys I have deleted my account on msp.

I deleted  it because my parents thought it was changing me, which it actually was. I’m not going to really get into that because its a whole different story. Anyways if you do want my account and play msp you can have it. I mean you still have to get it back from msp of course. Idk if you’ll need the code, but if you do let me know.

info about the account


  • had about 1,500 starcoins
  • 7 dimonds
  • had a lot of clothes and stuff
  • had 2 pets close to lvl 30
  • a lot of furniture
  • was vip (hacks work xD)

So that’s pretty much it and I will be giving away my other accounts. they aren’t deleted though. ☺



People can spell my names different ways. It can get on my nerves. Not only are they spelling it wrong, they say it wrong. For example…


How you really spell my name Kayla (how others do)>>

  • Cayla
  • Kylah
  • Mikayla
  • Kaylee
  • KK (I don’t like names like that)
  • Kasey
  • Kaylah

And that is how people say or spell my name. It makes me real mad. How would you feel if your name was Mary and I just called you Macey. Every single day.  money